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About Us

Everything you need to know about our aspiring dispensary.

The Sailor’s Pipe is a cannabis startup working towards opening a dispensary in the Jersey Shore, founded by Angela Collier and Kyle Sosnicki. It’s objective as a cannabis startup is to help engage in social equity in the cannabis industry of New Jersey, seeking to employ those who were convicted on cannabis drug charges by the judicial and mass-incarceration system in our country. We also seek to help the community at large within the area we base our operations in, to help build and rebuild communities that were and continue to be affected by the discrimination against minorities using the judicial systems in place. The first step in our journey is our fundraising sale with our very own collection. As young and new entrepreneurs, we lack the capital or resources available to others that come from generational wealth or settled backgrounds, as one of our founders come from a minority family and the other is the son of an immigrant--we want to show our customers and community that anyone can realize their potential and dreams without needing to come from a prominent family or wealthy background.

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